Daily Nugget #182



ah perspective.

you have the power to change everything.


i have a deep tired right now.

it’s dark

it’s cold.

i want to curl up and sleep forever

in my cozy house.


this cycle of the sun emptying

empties me.

i seek deep rest


feel deep contraction.

i start to blame how i feel on my ‘sensitivity’.


sensitivity just is>

it is not the cause of my current state.


maybe it’s the choices i’ve made

over the past few months

knowing i have this thing called


sensitivity to the waning sun

the dropping temps

the emerging un-finished business

ready to be addressed





sensitivity to my excessive tendencies

and addictions

that love to be present in my life

when the days are long and warm.

i feel their echo in my body now

my liver feels full.


or maybe it has nothing to do with my choices.

maybe now

how i’m feeling

is because i am upgrading


the denser parts of my body

are causing some resistance

as the rest of me

shifts to the light.


or maybe my travel has caught up with me.

different time zones and hemispheres.


so much of me moves at light speed

i forget the the physical still needs time to

catch up and process.


or maybe it’s none of the above.


me trying-to-figure-it-out

is futile


is causing the whole cycle to continue….


us silly humans.

we always want to

Figure Stuff Out.

the truth is:

Some Stuff Is Un-Figure-able.


we just have to slip back in to this Now


take good care of ourselves in this moment.

love. forgive. stay present.

trust that we always do the best we can in any moment.


maybe retrospect needs to be fired

maybe it’s never about what was

only about what is.



try some today.

1000 mg or more

for good health.

let go of what you think you know about anything.

there is always another way.

perspective changes everything.

perspective changes everything.




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