Peace Thru Trust

Daily Nugget #153

Peace Thru Trust



this day


every other

for me

Peace is a result of Trust.


i slip in to the place of Doubt

the Unknown

the What If’s


Trust pulls me thru every time.


how do you Trust, you ask?

close your eyes

take a breath

and KNOW

that everything will be ok.

it’s a knowing that we are not taught.

it’s a knowing that we must practice.

part of the knowing is Trusting in it.


you could say that the path to Trust IS to Trust.



sometimes shit sucks

but as long as you keep coming back to YOU

take a breath

and Trust~

everything will be ok.


getting to this place within

this place of Trusting yourself

your life

takes practice.


at times, you find yourself wanting to Trust in Trust

but then you hear the questions:

‘what if i can’t do it?’

‘what will happen if i leave?’

‘how can i step IN to the life i really seek?!’

‘how can i say what needs to be said?’


we hold ourselves back

all the freaking time

because we Doubt ourselves

we doubt what we FEEL.


stop doubting yourself.

Trust what you feel within.

you will never lead yourself astray.



when you find yourself in a place of doubt





put a hand on your heart.

close your eyes.

take a breath.

no need to rush anything.

feel your way.

and if you don’t feel the way yet


give yourself time & patience

to allow the situation to unfold

to allow the waves of emotion to find completion


you can lean IN to your Trust.


it is a knowing


sometimes a feeling in your body.

look for it. feel for it.

honor this feeling~ this knowing

and from there

Trust will grow.


Peace is what we all seek at our core.

peace of mind.

peace in the body.

peace in our emotions. relationships.


Peace in the Unknown.


we can navigate the unknown

when Trust is in our tool belt.

feel it. grow it. TRUST it!

Peace thru Trust.

sit with yourself & Trust.

sit with yourself & Trust.


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