paralysis by analysis

Daily Nugget #148

paralysis by analysis


is this you?

do you find yourself completely paralyzed by your thoughts?

thoughts of:

it’s not done yet.

it’s not perfect yet.

i’m not ready yet.

where do i start?


are you caught up in the~what if’s


the how’s?

so much that you find yourself in the same place that you have been

only with more stress. anxiety and fear?


it might even be better to call this post:

Death by Analysis Paralysis.


without movement – we atrophy.

without trust – we fear.

when we fear

we are frozen.

frozen in the place of UNtruth.

the place of ‘i can’t’

‘i’m not enough’

‘i don’t deserve it’

who do i think i am?


when you analyze something to the point of paralysis

action is not possible.

you are locked in to place.

who ever said that was ‘ok’ or healthy or even real?!

what if ‘non-action’ was illegal?

what if your life depended on you taking action?

would you take it?

are you scared enough to risk death vs. action?


i see this kind of paralysis often.

i also see the pain that accompanies it.

the negative self talk

<like we don’t have enough of that already>


the crystalization of our BEings.


when you crystalize

you harden.

when you harden

you break.

at that point the fear deepens

because you KNOW you will break if you move an inch.


better to avoid the whole crystalization process all together.

but how, dee, how??!!
how do i avoid it?


i guess ‘avoid’ isn’t the best word to use

so maybe i’ll change it to: JUST DON’T FREAKING DO IT!


my thoughts/methods to flow with change


therefore flow with your life and everything/everyone in it:


1. chill the f out.

2. you are stronger than you believe. <don’t always believe what you think!>

3. lighten the load.

  • you aren’t responsible for everyone’s happiness.
  • if it doesn’t bring you joy, let go of it <including stuff. people. work. worry. pain. regret. doubt. fear>
  • know that your essence is LIGHT. it feels better to BE the light that you ARE!

4. commit to breathing intentionally & often. breathe before you react. breathe before you speak.

breathe. breathe. breathe.

5. be kind to yourself.

  • make a plan.
  • know what you want.
  • take action.

6. well shoot. i could list hundreds of things. but i’m gonna stop here.

maybe you will join me <in some way shape or form> to deepen this understanding and practice.

if you are moved to. take action! i invite you in and welcome you.

monthly support for all!

classes for women

one on one mentoring for women


ps. allow yourself to be happy.

i believe in you.


take the step!

take the step! it just might feel AWESOME!!









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