over the river and thru the woods….

Daily Nugget #96

over the river and thru the woods….


what is your life worth to you?

are you willing to go miles thru fields and woods


over mountains


across rivers

or possibly

rivers of fire

to feel good?

to feel better?

to feel awesome on all levels?

to have the life you seek?

to do what lives in your heart?


what is your life worth to you?

what are you willing to do

pay for



in order to get there?


i have thought much about value

as of late.

what is my value?

what do i bring to the planet?

do i value myself?

my dreams?

what lives in my heart?


what am i willing to do

or say

or be

in order to honor my own value

to honor what i value?


have you explored Total Human Constriction Syndrome

from Nugget #95?

is your life

or your body


your spirit

feeling constricted?

in any way?



what are you doing about it?


lots of questions for a friday morning.

but to get answers

we must ask questions.

and today

is a question day.


write a list of what you value in life.

then note if you have what you value??


then write a list of what you seek.

what lives in your heart.

what have you always wanted to do or be or have.

there is NO judgement here.

truly allow yourself to answer these questions authentically & honestly.

then note if you are, have or have done the things on your list.



this is a list for YOU

an important and powerful way to really see

to put in front of you what lies within.

it may take some time.

that’s ok.


take the time.

then study it.


what are you willing to do to have what you seek?

what actions are you willing to take?

what changes are you willing to make?

are you willing to be honest with yourself and those around you?


this is BIG work that can rocket your life into new and exciting directions!

are you willing to do the work?


does stepping IN to that life cause anxiety?

or stress?


creating the life you seek is supposed to be fun

not scary.


there are times when taking a leap makes your knees shake


at your core

you will feel excited. activated. invigorated. alive!


need help?

hey! i’ve got your back.

if you are reading this

chances are you have visited my words before

(if this is your first time, yay!!)

if this resonates with you

i am willing to share time with you


explore what you value and what you seek

with a free sesh!


a one on one

spirit enriched


to support YOU.


let’s see what might be holding you back


i will offer some tools for your journey.


think about the value of that!
a fresh perspective. some tools for your navigation.

a heart to heart conversation to help you step IN to the life you seek.


email me @ dee@dragonladyteas.com

to set up our special time together.


until then

do the exercises above


write your lists.

get started on feeling better

in ALL ways.



when you get to the river of fire,

i’ll be waiting there for you.


much love.


i will be here waiting for you.

i will be here waiting for you.








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