our personal universe

Daily Nugget #198

our personal universe


‘what is most personal is most universal’ Carl Rogers.


funny how we think the things we go thru are ours alone.

funny that we don’t talk much about how we feel

or maybe

we can’t even articulate what that is.


do we funnel all of our emotions thru one chosen emotion?

anger, for instance?

can we even identify what an emotion is?

let alone name it.


~what is most personal is most universal~


that must mean that EVERYONE experiences sucky-ness

as well as



we are not alone in ANYTHING we go thru.

do you know that?


how do emotions feel within YOU?

can you ride the waves?


are you crushed by them.


are you harassed? bullied?

can you find the calm?

can you redirect?


let’s practice.

first, you must identify HOW you are feeling.

name it. this can take practice.

naming takes awareness.

awareness is KEY.


next, decide how you’d rather feel.

how do you want to feel?

feel it.


our emotions can be more of a choice than we realize.

don’t let the battle within your head

turn in to a battle within your feelings.


there is a fine line

that determines what comes first.

thought? or emotion?


a thought causes an emotion to rise.

then the thought feeds the emotion with more fuel

until the emotion expands

and sometimes erupts.

then pshew!

you may do or say something that is not in alignment.


sometimes our thoughts and emotions work together

to create action that ultimately

doesn’t feel good.

don’t be seduced by the dark side.


nip it in the bud

Be Aware.

start noticing your thoughts.

the poopy thoughts can lead to poopy emotions.

play the name game.

if you can name that feeling

it is easier to change.

if you are aware of the thought

it is easier to transmute.


when you know the true name of something

you can shift it.

<part of wizard training 101>


~what is most personal is most universal~


know that everything you are experiencing

is being experienced by others.

it helps to talk about it.


play the name game.

know you are not alone.

shift your inner world

so you can shape your outer.


what is within you is within all of us....

what is within you is within all of us….







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  1. What a great reminder! Thank you. We so often feel alone in our universe and that is just not the case. Finding others experiencing the same or similar things can help us keep those feelings and emotions balanced and we are, therefore better able to deal with the suckynes and enjoy the awesomeness!

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