oops i forgot!

Daily Nugget #138

oops i forgot!




things get forgotten.


today i’m referring to this Nugget.

other days it’s something else.


it is not possible to hold everything on our to-do or tada list

in our brains.

there just isn’t enough room!

especially with all of the other things whirling thru there.


oops! i forgot!
i forgot to call that person back

i forgot to text that person back

i forgot to email that person back.

it happens.

oops! i forgot.

it wasn’t intentional.


ever send out a text or an email



you hear crickets

you wonder what the hell.

you start to make up all sorts of stuff.


‘why didn’t they text me back?!’

‘they never responded to my email!’


ooooh. we can get all bent out of shape sometimes.

some of us.


we start to take it soooooooooo freaking personally.



does this sounds like you?

a. sometimes

b. all the time

c. never

d. i’m not attached to my tech



funny that this is the way we communicate now.

don’t get me wrong

i love technology.

i love that i can just send a quick text

when i don’t need to have a huge conversation.


i love saying ‘i’m thinking of you’


‘check out this picture, it reminds me of you’.


oh people.

let’s practice not worrying about stuff so much


jumping to any conclusions


assuming that we have ANY idea what’s going on in someone else’s mind and/or world.


i mean

sometimes technology just doesn’t work.

sometimes people actually never receive our messages.

no need to fret.

just pick up the phone and connect with a real person

a voice on the other end.


rest at ease.

all is well.


unwind your assumptions


simple ask.

let go of your conclusions


simply reach out again.


connect, people.

connect for real.

have face to face


voice to voice


skype to skype



if something is really that important

then take action to connect again

in a new way.


mucho love-o


if i ever didn’t return a text/call/email from you

it’s probably because i forgot.


oops happens....

oops happens….


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