one step….

Daily Nugget #102

one step…..


we all have heard

‘every journey starts with the first step.’


‘one step at a time.’


the list goes on.


this is true


some of us

feel like we can’t do¬†

whatever it is that lies before us

whatever life is asking of us


whatever it is that WE seek

because it feels too big.


but the first step isn’t a physical one

the first step starts within.


the first step on any journey

starts with our commitment.

commitment to ourselves.

when we commit to ourselves

it has to feel good.


if you have doubts about any decision

or any step

explore where these doubts are coming from.


if they truly come from within

your inner guidance saying, ‘no way!’


of course listen!

but if the doubts are coming from:

‘what would so and so think.’

‘how would that make me look?’

‘but, i feel obligated to….’

then QUESTION it.

are you living for you?


are you living for someone else?


any and all decisions we make

-tho some may not be easy-

will feel good or bad.


weeding thru our feelings


recognizing where the feeling is coming from

will help us be more confident in our decisions.


then we can commit.


once we commit

we are unstoppable.

tho sometimes the thought of committing brings fear.

are we afraid of our own power?

are we afraid

that really

we are magnificent?!


we are incredible, limitless, manifesting beings

trapped in the belief of ‘not good enough’


‘i can’t’.



we can do anything we commit to

but we first have to commit.


committing is the hard part.

focus on how you feel.


go deep

to the place within you

where YOU really exists.

this is a place within the physical body

yet it goes infinitely deep.

in this place

your inner sanctuary

see how you really feel

about anything.


go there to ask questions

to seek answers


without a doubt

from the depths of your BEing

that whatever journey you are about to embark on

feels right

to YOU!


and if it does?!!!



that is the first and hardest step on any adventure

of any kind.

whether it’s physical. relational. emotional. work related. etc….


from this point forward

decide to commit to YOU.

do what feels right to YOU



THIS is a GIANT and the most important first step

on the journey to the center of you.

the MOST important journey you will ever travel.

you can do it.

yes you can!


commit to you. always.

and find the life you are looking for

(it is also looking for you).


*need some practice finding your inner sanctuary?

check this out:


be free. laugh muchly. commit to the adventure of YOU.

be free. laugh muchly. commit to the adventure of YOU.






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