once upon an evolving human

Daily Nugget #117

once upon an evolving human


once upon an evolving human

while i pondered bright and cheery

next to a light of candle

thumbing thru outdated and long gone beliefs.

while i breathed, nearly meditative

something came a knocking

knocking knocking on my hearts door.


i reached for the nob to open

but the nob was nevermore.

i only saw its shadow

the edge of it, i swore.

but as i reached i found that it was gone

gone, forever more.


the door stood ajar

and my heart

my own

mon coeur

still there in front of me

thru the open door.


the sign


was gone

and i wasn’t sure who took it.


maybe so.

i did!

why not?  i longed for freedom to fill it.



kept out the goodness AND the bad

for what?

‘i don’t want to have the same experiences i had!’

not likely


that the same thing happens twice.

cause i am new


you are new

each moment in this place.


rap rap

upon my hearts door

is the sound of my own knock.

ready to let the world in

my light out

fear, i will not.


once upon an evolving human

is a story of us all.

opening to our own knock

will you answer your own call?

knock knock!

knock knock!



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