Once Upon A Time

Daily Nugget #73

Once Upon A TimeĀ 


there was a people

a diverse and amazing people.

they knew not of their greatness.


they knew only of limitation





one fine day

someone showed up.

not a stranger from the outside,

a stranger from within.


one who had been there all along.



for the time to emerge

for the right ‘time’ to step into the light.


like an imaginal cell.


the time has come

the time is now.


is not as it seems


timing is crucial

and patience is a force.


this stranger from within

stepped into the light

so that others would feel the courage to do so.


this stranger stood fully

in front of the people.


heart open.

not apologetic.

not offering excuses.


just stood there fully and completely for all to see.


and what did the people see?

the stranger from within

mirrored back to the people the strength

that they could not see

until now.

the stranger from within

mirrored their greatness

their potential

their light.


the stranger from within

by fully standing in front of the people

showed them

that they too must

stand fully

in all that they are.


there is nothing to fear.


the stranger from within

is not a stranger anymore.

the people have seen themselves reflected

they have seen who they are


they too

have stepped in to the light

to stand fully

for all to see.


*step IN to the light*

*step IN to the light*







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