omg. what’s happening to me!

Daily Nugget #62

omg. what’s happening to me!


have you ever read that kids book ‘Parts’ by Tedd Arnold?

in it, a young boy is freaking out because

his teeth start to fall out

he finds ‘fuzz’ in his belly button


he thinks his brain is coming out of his nose when he pulls out a booger.


he totally freaks out.


that’s kind of how i am feeling as of late.

my body is doing new things.

my mind?

don’t even get me started.


it feels like my cells are vibrating


occupying a new place in time.

and time?


it’s as slippery as ever.

this week, it beat me

so far.


but does it really matter?

am i ‘getting done’ what really needs to be done?

yea. i guess.


time seems to be winning.

what should take minutes

turns into hours!


we are starting to move more freely thru it.


we can MOVE in time.

tho not always consciously



i realized this week that

stress + worry = a long, slow, painful death.


that stress shit will kill you.

i’m noticing it more and more.


i’m paying attention more and more.


understanding my body

more and more.




i’m noticing HOW MUCH

my thoughts

my emotions

my overall state of being

affect my body.


now take a breath.

a nice long, deep breath.


settle in to you body.

how does it feel?

where do you feel tight



breathe in to those places.



think about something stressful


a disturbing interaction with someone.


do you feel it in your body?


this is where the long slow painful death begins.


we constrict our bodies in response to stress or worry.

the constriction tends to wrap around one of our organs.

in health

our organs have a nice little space that they occupy.

nothing is gripping or wrapping around them.


in comes the stress/worry.

all of a sudden

an organ is strangled.

it starts to have tissue attached to it

(or in some cases, glued to it)

that wasn’t before.


this then starts to slowly pull our entire physicalness

out of alignment.


does that make sense?

can we, as a culture,

learn to chill the F out?


soften and relax our minds and emotions


our bodies can do what they do





i’ve always felt that we are SO powerful.

we are powerful in our health


powerful in our dis-ease

(meaning: the power of our thoughts/emotions

& beliefs can make us sick).


where to start?

always come back to the breath.

start there.

breathe and notice.

breathe and notice.

start to feel your way around

your being


make some gentle adjustments.

relax your physicalness.

relax you mind.

be at peace in your emotions.

Chill the F out.


it just feels better that way.


ps. i hear that tea helps with that. hint hint.




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  1. I am reading a really interesting book right now, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” which addresses the very same thing. (Among others!) Last night I was learning how our brains produce specific chemicals w/ the exact signature to match our thoughts so that you can FEEL the way you were just thinking. Then, we begin to THINK the way we are feeling, because the body is sending the brain chemical feedback about how it is feeling. It’s a thinking/feeling loop that becomes our way of being. If we, as you suggest, stop and at least try to notice how our bodies are feeling, that’s a good first step. Then, notice what thoughts are attached to that feeling in your body. It’s interesting stuff!!!
    If you change your thoughts, can you change the way your body feels? (Spoiler alert, yes, but it’s way more involved than that)

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