This is your invitation to newness! Welcome to Time Bending 101!
Do you want to explore/change/upgrade your relationship to time?
~Time is a limiting structure that we are learning to exist outside of~
Every cell in our body is seeking this shift.
When we resist movement in this direction
we feel pain ~ on many levels.

Do you want to learn some tools for graceful and empowered navigation of this newness?

By tools i mean:
Simple techniques to expand your awareness and change your relationship(s).

Congrats! What you have been seeking is here. 
Let’s play!

Time is more flexible than we realize.

We can change our relationship to time with a new perspective and some Time Bending Ninja/Jedi skillz.

Learn to step out of the river of time and take back your life with this


Month 1: Brain Flossing

Let’s get in the cracks and crevices and pull out the rotten chunks of Untruth.

Month 2: The UpLoad

Let’s re-program how you think so you can change how you think!

Month 3: Nitty Gritty

This is when you tend to rebel and reject your new beliefs. We must be very committed so we can get to the other side.

Month 4: The Flight

Please fasten your seat belts passengers, hyperspace awaits us! This is when it all comes together! BELIEVING in your new beliefs. Hold on to your panties.

Nowness and BEing in the Flow

Be ON TIME for events, gatherings, meetings

Create, bend & expand time

Stop racing time & learn to wield it

FREEDOM & time abundance


‘Wait, I don’t have time for this class! I can’t add another thing to my life!’

 That is a common reaction from those controlled by time.
Here are my thoughts:

1. How important is it to you?

Do you want more time? Do you seek more flow?
OR are you addicted to the UNflow and the chaos of ‘not enough time’ and being ‘busy’.
It first takes recognition that something must change.

2. This class is NOT about adding One More Thing to your life.

Not many people feel they have room for anything else! This class starts with awareness of your current situation.
You won’t be ‘Adding’ anything. You will learn to pay attention.

3. This class has the potential to completely improve your experience, your relationships, your level of satisfaction and happiness.

Time is our most precious resources. How do you use yours? Are you ready to create and expand that which seems so unmovable?

There are only 2 requirements for this class.

1. Come with an open attitude AND
2. Be willing to question EVERYTHING.