When your heart speaks, can you hear it? Are you listening??

A customized, personalized, just-for-you experience

The best way to describe what this means:

You are seeking something. 
You know there is more to the story.
You’ve gotten a bit stuck in your ‘habits’ 
<of both thought and routine>
and you can’t find your way out.

Your sensitivity has long felt like a dis-ability. 
There have been few <if any> along the way who have celebrated your unique awesomeness.

The perceived limitations that tether you to your ‘familiars’
<that place of comfort that’s not really comfy>
are created in your beliefs.
Beliefs form your experience!! 

What if you could change those beliefs?
What if you could BE that person who has always lived within 
and felt too scared to step out? 

Does this sound like you?

I love working with people who: 
show up ready to lean it, take action and question everything. 
Commitment is necessary. A bit of fear is ‘normal’.
Recognizing ~something has got to change~ is probably why you found me 😀

This is a rough draft of the path of possibility. 
The details will appear as we connect & explore.

I look forward to connecting. 
Juiciness lies ahead. 
Woot woot!


ps. Pain & suffering is optional. Joy is likely. Change is a given. 

Contact me to find out if we are a right fit.