observing ourselves thru others

Daily Nugget #184

observing ourselves thru others



i mean

what else are we gonna use as mirrors?

we certainly aren’t THAT self aware




when walkin’ my doggie

i observed a behavior change.

hmmm i thought.

how is this mirroring my changes?



not only can people be our mirrors

animals can be too.


‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’

really means

‘can’t teach an old belief~ new behavior’


‘so and so made me feel this way’

‘so and so drives me nuts’

so and so, so and so> on and on forever.



what it is>

is that we don’t like what we see in the mirror


we aren’t honest enough with ourselves yet.


all things that ‘happen’

can be a clue IN to your own inner workings.

pretty fucking brilliant

if you ask me.

‘are you saying that all i have to do is pay attention? and i can have greater awareness of my issues and

how to shift myself in to better alignment??



awareness is the most powerful tool in your Tool Belt.

be willing to Be Aware.

with that comes honesty.

be willing to be honest.

i am not judging or criticizing you for anything.

no need to judge or criticize yourself either.


be honest with how you feel

even if you don’t like it.

be honest with your happiness


lack there of.

be honest with your body.

you know what feels good and what doesn’t.

be honest with your time.

‘hey time. lay off, would ya?’


be honest with what you want your life to look like.

all answers are ok.


look around.

pay attention.

observe yourself THRU others

take a good look.

be okay with what you see.

change is a choice.

learn to wield it.


<imagine a pix of your new life here>



pretty powerful thing to think about.

pretty powerful thing to think about.


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