the nothing

Daily Nugget #127

the nothing.


i sat down @ my computer to Nugget this morning


i sat down this afternoon


i’m sitting here now



maybe sometimes

there’s nothing.


in this thought-filled world

what a blessing for nothing.

in a jam packed day

what a relief to have a moment of nothing.


a calm, thought-absent moment

is something

not nothing.


sometimes the nothing spreads

and takes over everything.

consuming not only thoughts






maybe the nothing

is really something?


must we fill all of our nothings with something?

our days

our homes

our minds

our bodies?


what if we stopped filling


allowed the nothing to grow?


could we get used to the nothing?

could we sit still long enough for it to spread?

are we willing to be alone with our inners

and face the truth of what we’ve created?


maybe we keep filling what was once

the nothing

so the nothing can’t expand.

do we fear the nothing?


take a moment to pause.

inhale thru the nose

exhale thru the mouth.

lean IN to the nothing

call it in.

allow it to expand

on the inside and out.


allow it to consume all that is not itself


start feeling the nothing


like it.

ride your white dragon to the edge of the nothing....

ride your white dragon to the edge of the nothing….

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