not now, i have a headache.

Daily Nugget #140

not now, i have a headache.


do you get headaches?

do you attempt to function and ‘work thru’ them?

do you ever feel not so awesome physically

and still push forward?


today was one of those days for me.


i rest when i need to

take breaks when my body seeks it.



i pushed and pushed

i pushed thru


kept going

and now


it’s 10:30 pm

and i’m still going.

here i am

writing this Nugget.

even tho i don’t feel like it

even tho i have a headache.


not now life, i have a headache.


it’s unlike me to keep going like this.

i would make a terrible work-a-holic.

my day was linked together by constant to-do’s and to be’s


it was all lovely

until @ 9pm i have yet to get groceries and make dinner.

everyone is hungry – including moi.

my brain is starting to short out.

should i be driving?

damn, i forgot my list.


so as i ramble on

here lying in my bed


it is one of the best parts of my day.


i feel the flow start to kick in.

i feel my fingers flying across the keyboard.

my dog is crunching on a bone next to me.

i here bustling outside.

it’s warm. people are out and about.


tis the season of never ending days.

it takes some time to get used to

to build endurance


link back to back adventures.


i’m so grateful i created time for a walk (or 2)

and got to have interesting conversations


a nice lunch on my porch.

geesh. breakfast seems like days ago.


i remember waking up tired.

i feel the pulse of the earth quickening.

the surge of life all around me.

i can’t help but be affected by it.


remember to breathe.


it is easy to get strung out and drunk on the long days.

but it is important to remember to rest. eat. breathe & pace yourself.

build up to the growing days

so that you can stay up all night next month

when the days are the longest


celebrate life.


not now, i have a headache.

but it will soon be gone


i will soon be in better shape

for the long days and short nights.

i will remember to rest. to nourish and savor the life force all around me


i will remember to breathe……


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