no matter what

Daily Nugget #190

no matter what


learn how to show up.

show up for yourself.


no matter what


how you are feeling


what’s happening in your life>

show up for yourself.


know what it feels like TO show up for you.

do you?

showing up takes commitment.

<my theme lately>


i’ve learned what commitment truly means>

thru my work.

writing. teaching. club freedom. coaching.

i learned HOW to fully commit to myself

when i committed to something that i believe(d) in.

it’s funny that’s the way it goes.

get to yourself thru others.


i’m not sure that i would have learned how to listen so deeply

had it not been for you. yes you.

the readers. the listeners.

thank you.


as this year wanes


the sun empties

we approach newness.


a great shift will happen

the days will lengthen

the year will flip

people will decide to commit to something new.


‘this year i’ll exercise.’


‘this year i’m gonna be healthier


lose weight…….’

it goes on and on.


how many of those ‘this year…..’s

do we actually commit fully to


follow thru with till the end??


how about

for 2016

let’s start

committing to ourselves.

no matter what

show up for yourself.

show up fully and completely.

never abandoning yourself.

never betraying yourself.

always showing up



not so easy, you say?

when did self love stop being the easiest thing in the world?

have we ever NOT been challenged by this?

the one thing that can truly set us free

is the hardest thing for us to do.


‘that’s selfish,’

you say. or they say.

caring for self has a bad rap.

give only. consider everyone else first.


the real change starts within.

that sounds so cliche


it’s true.


in order to see the change

we have to be it.

start listening to the voice within

that says, ‘HELL NO!!! or yes yea!!’

even if that voice sounds a million miles away.


put your hand to your ear

what you are hearing is YOU.

show up.

no matter what.


'that's a noise' grinned the Grinch, 'that i simply must hear.'  he paused, and the Grinch put a hand to his ear.

‘that’s a noise’ grinned the Grinch, ‘that i simply must hear.’
he paused, and the Grinch put a hand to his ear.







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