no…body knows…..

Daily Nugget #69

no-body knows


you know the rest



it’s fur shur true.

that nobody REALLY knows how YOU feel

what YOU’ve been thru.

no body really knows your experience

but you.



of course

you are able to switch skins

(boy, that would be interesting).


even then

you still couldn’t really FEEL

what another feels.

feel thru the lens of their beliefs

their experiences

their sensitivities.


we NEVER KNOW how the other person is feeling


what their inner experience is.


we are so quick to assume




think that we know.

but we don’t know shit.


we may SHARE similar experiences


feelings about a particular topic

but we are as about as individual as you can get.


we are SO unique

expressing whatever it is we are here to express

thru whatever lens

we choose.


did you hear that?

whatever lens we CHOOSE.

yes, it’s a choice

how we react

how we feel

how we …..


how will you choose to live your life?

what kind of lens will you look thru?

what kind of experiences will you CHOOSE to have.


will you choose to honor the thoughts




of those around you?


this does not mean (no not ever!)

that we have to agree.

this only means that we choose to accept.

accept what is


who is.


who’s on 1st?

(ha! some of you might remember that skit.)


accept. accept. accept.


let’s stop judging one another.

let’s stop thinking we know what’s best for someone else.

only the individual can truly know what is best for him/herself.



just maybe

this whole idea that we know best

stems from the fact that we DON’T really know what to do with our own lives.

that we DON’T really trust in our own experience

our own path.


some things to ponder on a tuesday afternoon


whatever day/month/year

you find yourself reading this.


Choose love.

Trust yourself.

Let others be who they are

by being who YOU are.

We are truly ONE.

Let’s started living that way.


big hugs.

Dee Elle

let's do this. peace. love. oneness.

let’s do this. peace. love. oneness.



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