my crowbar

Daily Nugget #192

my crowbar


let me start this Nugget with

the passage that inspired it

from Rob Brezsny’s Freewill Astrology.

<he rocks, by the way>

here are his thoughts about Virgo for this week:

‘You may not have to use a literal crowbar in the coming weeks, but this rough tool will serve you well as a metaphor. Wherever you go, imagine that you’ve got one with you. Why? It’s time to jimmy open glued-shut portals . . . to pry loose mental blocks . . . to coax unyielding influences to budge . . . to nudge intransigent people free of their fixations. Anything that is stuck or jammed needs to get unstuck or unjammed through the power of your willful intervention.’

that pretty much describes my work

in it’s many forms.


‘what are we gonna UNblock today?’ you ask.

how about we explore time again

just for the heck of it.

since so many of us are controlled by it.


it dawned on me today

that fighting-the-moment

is a real thing.



picture this:

you are doing something nice and relaxing

like kicking back in the yard

taking a stroll around the hood


reading a book.

then you hear,

‘i ‘should’ be doing this or that’

‘i could be doing this or that’

‘why am i not DOing this or that?’


what a buzz kill.

you are NOT doing this or that

because you are chillin’


chillin’ is just as productive as DOin’

<if not more>


there i was

out on a beautiful stroll


‘omg. i need to get back and do . . . ‘


why can’t i just enjoy the moment

that i chose to be in?

in that moment, i chose to walk.

in the next, i questioned why i was walking

when there were SO many other ‘things’ to do.



i caught myself fighting the moment

which gets me nowhere

except IN my head


time to bust out the crowbar.


i reeled myself in


enjoyed the moment

the moment i chose to walk in!

<i like walkin’>


got back to the Now

<the thing that really matters>

so that in the version of Now that was when i reached my home

i could be in that Now

and choose

to do with that Now what i wished.

i was sure happy i took the walk

so was my dog.


take the walk & enjoy it.

take the walk & enjoy it.


wanna read what Rob says about you?

click here!





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