Daily Nugget #77


kaching. kaching.


what are YOUR thoughts about money?

how do you REALLY feel about it?


at this point

we still need it for many things.

(but that is changing. yay!)


if i asked you to say,

‘i LOVE money. money is fab. we are BFF’s.’

how does that make you feel?


when i started to say

‘i LOVE money’

at first

it felt kind of icky.





in and of itself

is just that


it is neither good nor bad

positive or negative

it just IS.

money is just money.

it’s just the ‘currency’ that we use to operate in commerce.



but YOU don’t feel that way

do you?

some of you? maybe.

most of you. not.


money is just money.

that’s all folks.

what makes you or me or us feel icky

is the belief that we attach to it.

we believe:

‘oh, money is SO evil. it does terrible things.’


money is simply a tool.

what people do with it does not make IT bad or evil.

money is just money.


or we believe:

‘rich people are bad.’


‘people with money don’t understand what it’s like…..’


i know plenty of cool peeps with cash.

having money does NOT cast you into a life of evil-dom.


then WTF.

wtf do we do now?


my solution is to LOVE it.

really LOVE it!

the ONLY way to really shift something

is to find oneness with it.


love it.

accept it.

change how you feel about it.



as a culture

can heal the beliefs that surround it


we can

with greater ease

shift in to a NEW system.


we must find peace and oneness first.


start giving it a shot.


‘i love money’

until you actually do!


‘they’ say:

‘fake it until you make it.’

what feels better is:

‘fake it until you become it.’

(heard that on a TED talk)


there is much to explore with this money thing.

stay tuned.

we will talk about charging $ for the work you love.

feeling ok with having and earning money.


not feeling ‘bad’ about any of it.



start with the LOVE


we will move forward.


start with the LOVE.

that’s always a good place to begin


you can do it.



big hugs of abundance


money love!

love it! yes you can!!

love it! yes you can!!




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  1. Yes!! Thanks for this nugget and the delineations it points out. Rich people can be bad; so can poor people. The money matters not, it’s the people. And, when I say “I love money” it feels like a guilty pleasure, like, “I love to drink” or something like that. Interesting to note. Loving it clearly would make a big difference!!!

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