WE . . . ARE . . . CAT

the big

the small

the PURRalicious.


some of us like to roll our eyes at you

silly humans

some of us go SOOOOO deep


to our purr-land

so deep

we feel we may never

(or never want to)

leave it.



we see you.

many of us are very patient with your ‘way’

many of us are NOT.


take it from us

don’t get yourself in to situations you have NO escape from.

always keep an eye (or both) to the sky

there’s a whole plane of existence there

that many of you ignore.


take care of your body.

be sure not to smell bad or look unkept (horrified face emoji).

drink lots of water.

cover your shit so nobody steps in it.


listen to the space between the words

between the sounds

listen there

you will find many things.


always look at your life from higher ground.

perspective is everything.


find someone you can trust.

living alone in the world is lonely

even if you don’t admit it.


give thanks to those in your life who take the time to sit with you.

every moment is precious.

what do you want to spend YOUR moments doing?


tread lightly.

sit quietly.





Deep IN PurrLand








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