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Tales of a Double Virgo Episode 7

Meet C A R L


Greetings curious beings.

There is death all around us right now.

Friends. Family. Pets. Beloved Park Animals.

As well as- Part of Ourselves.


I filmed this video for you yesterday.

Today I feel different.

I am in awe of the amount of change around me.

A good lesson for me to make sure I hit send

In The Moment

because in the next moment

everything is different.


Wherever you find yourself

in the cycle of life and death right now

it’s nice to learn a new perspective

to laugh a little <or a LOT>


focus on how we can improve our time here.


Gratitude gets thrown around a LOT

but true gratitude is a beautiful thing.

True Gratitude is about:

leaning IN to what/whoever you are grateful for


noticing how much better your life is because of it/them.


Gratitude fills us like nothing else.

It’s not about: Making a list of everything in your life you are thankful for.

For me

it’s about

choosing one thing

and saying,

‘wow. i am so freaking happy you are in my life! thank you.’

Noticing how amazing the sun feels on your back


how soft your kitty is


how you couldn’t possibly imagine life without the support of that special angel person.


Gratitude involves stopping. Noticing. Slowing down. Smiling.

Your heart feels bigger just thinking about it.


Be grateful. Practice it!

Enjoy the show.

<As always, I’m sharing some kick ass life changing stuff that will rock your world IF you practice it>


much love AND deep gratitude for your time and presence.


ps. i love you.


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  1. Here’s a CARL story (which I didn’t intend, but maybe I did): Last summer I decided (“C”) I wanted to work in another community this summer for people I love serving a community I want to know better and spend more time in. I let it go (“R” came before and after “A” in this instance). Then I mentioned it to some people in the community and the people I wanted to work for (“A”) but wasn’t specific or direct about it. Then I let it go again. And I was offered a job, and some other jobs with other great people, in that community. I probably did the “L” without intending to. So… I will be working in Bondurant this summer!

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