maybe the grass really IS greener?!

Daily Nugget #125

maybe the grass really IS greener?!


if we can get around our minds

around our beliefs

around the filter of our experiences

the grass really IS greener on the other side.




it’s greener on the other side of our current awareness

it’s greener


there are flowers growing

on the other side of what we think is possible.

it’s greener

when all illusion fades away.



it’s not only greener

it’s brighter

more alive



and harmonious.


our judging eyes tend to see what we feel we DON’T have.


we see what we perceive as the perfect lawn elsewhere

(grow food, not lawns, by the way)


the perfect life

or the perfect…..

as you can see, the not-grass is pretty freaking green in my yard :D

as you can see, the not-grass is pretty freaking green in my yard đŸ˜€











the truth is

the situation that we see with our eyes

may NOT feel perfect to those who live it.

we never have a freaking clue

what really goes on behind the scenes.


we all have a mask

we all have a version of ourselves

that we ‘show’ to the world.

it may

in fact

not even be close to the real version of ourselves.


this does not always mean that the ‘mask’ is not authentic.

it just may be different from what we experience on the inside.


i am going to throw out a few challenges for you this week.

this week seems to be all about challenges and in order to grow, we have to explore new terrain.


1. move thru your day and practice seeing things for what they really are.

attempt to soften or even eliminate your judgment. practice noticing when you ARE judging.

you will start to notice that pretty much everything is a judgment





2. ask a few people how they perceive you and your life.

see if it matches up with how you feel on the inside.


3.  ponder this:

i have created ~either consciously or un-consciously~ everything that is in my life right now.

if i think the grass is greener on the other side, i simply need to remove my goggles of limitation

my goggles of illusion

and then

i will see that the grass

in fact

is greener


not just on the other side,

but on my side too.


if i want to grow ‘better grass’ (ha!)

it takes love. trust. and nourishment.

it takes allowing yourself to dream up

whatever your heart desires


know that you deserve it!


bull shit




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