love infinity

Daily Nugget #170

(or #165.5)

love infinity


how much can we love?

does it cap off somewhere?

does it shrivel


go away??


love infinity.


it is vast and expansive



there is no size it cannot be

there is no heart it cannot fill.

love infinity.


an experience blows you open

expands your heart.

holy moly,

i CAN love more.

and more and more and more.

there is no limit

there is no stopping point

it just keeps going

expanding thru the experiences we have

expanding thru the people we meet

expanding and growing



infinity has no end.

it keeps going

in both directions

in all directions.


love has no end.

it keeps going in all directions

in every direction.

when you think your heart if full


there is more.


love infinity.

allowing is key

exploring is mandatory

receiving is…..

receiving is the place that can crack our heart seams.

childlike wonder



allow your heart to speak




do the things you’ve never done.

be the person you ARE!

allow your personal infinity

to reach new places.

allow the light

that is you

to spill out beyond your boarders


bump in to newness and dee-light.


love infinity.

it has no boundaries

it knows no limitations

it just IS.


love infinity.

what does your love meter read?

do you feel dry and empty?


full and expansive?


do you feel deficient?

do you feel complete?

there is always more for you

for me

for us.

there is always more

if we allow it.


bend the frame of your perspective.

dissolve the crystalization of your beliefs.

crack thru the creme brulee of your existence


swim in the sea of possibility.

swim with your dolphins of joy.

believe that anything is possible.

there is always more……


love infinity.

love is everywhere. open to it.

love is everywhere. open to it.



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