look both ways

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #28

look both ways


look both ways

before you cross IN to your next-ness.

one way is the past

the old you.

the other

is possibility.


sometimes we forget to look that way


we get slammed


by more of the old.

a rusty old version of sameness

that injects more amnesia

in to our quivering bodies

so we stay.

why the F would we stay otherwise?


when faced with my most recent crossroads

i almost DID forget to look towards possibility.

it felt too painful

like it had to see shit i didn’t want to


wasn’t ready to.


i reconsidered.


if something is coming up for you

for us

chances are

it’s been there for some time

waiting for the perfect storm

to show itself again.


i felt the familiar pang

the increase of fear

the desire to



but you never can run from yourself.


i decided

how bad can it really be?

it’s been living IN me


for evs!

maybe ‘it’ too

would like to move on.


humans invented prisons

to mirror the endless task

that we pledge to master


holding shit in

avoiding the truth


letting fear trick us in to believing

that ‘it’ will happen again.


the fear of the feeling.



we still HAVE the feeling!
it can’t go anywhere until we let it!

looking away

running away


are all lies we tell ourselves.


who wants to be lied to?


it’s time to look the other way

IN to the eyes of possibility.


my friend said today,

‘You can’t have courage withOUT fear.’


instead of caving to the fear

and choosing sameness,

lean IN to the fear

press it.

you WILL press thru it.


and when you see what possibility looks like

you’ll throw back you head


laugh at fear as you thank it.


look both ways




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  1. Love it! I have just had an experience like this. The experience is ongoing. The issue is in me, and has been since I can remember. I just never want to face it because it will take work, & visiting a place I don’t care to hang out. When I realized it’s already in me, I am already hanging out with it, and it’s not going anywhere until I let it, that is when magic started happening again.

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