Little Bird :)

When my kids were little

we used to listen to stories on cassette tapes (i know, right?! haha).

when i tuned IN to the animal world for this week

this story rushed IN to the front of my awareness.

may it land in you where it needs to <3


-Little Bird-


Long ago

in Denmark

a little bird was flying south for the winter

when she struck a branch


fell to the ground. broken wing 🙁


she hopped over to the Birch tree

the Maple


the Oak

and asked for shelter.


they were all MUCH too busy and MUCH too important to help.

she kept hopping along, asking. hoping.

it was getting colder now….

but they ALL turned her down.


then she hopped to the bottom of a mighty Pine tree.


the tree looked down

at the little bird

with the broken wing….

‘oh, little bird. do you need help?’ he asked?

the tired little bird gave out a faintly squeaky yes


the mighty Pine

reached down

with his bottom branch


scooped up the little bird.


‘you can rest in my branches for the winter, little one. i will keep you safe.’

and then the Pine called to the other evergreens nearby.

‘hey Spruce. Fir. Hemlock. can you make sure my little friend stays safe for the winter until her wing heals?’


the great evergreens all nodded 🙂


when the wind blew

they would bend & move to block it from the little bird.

when the snow and rain fell

they would stretch to form a dry covering.


then spring came

and the broken wing….. healed!!!


the little bird joyfully flew off.


Mother Nature saw ALL of this


she decided that the deciduous trees would lose their leave every year

so that they could know how that little bird felt.


the Kind Evergreens


they would remain just that…..EVER Green.



know what your kindness does not go UNrewarded.

the little things matter.

when you are feeling beat up from life

go sit amongst the mighty evergreens


look up for the little birds taking shelter in their kind branches.


breathe in. breathe out. be kind.


home for the winter….

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