Light is Fuel


Poetry Month


Light has always been my fuel~

from the sun

from within a flower

from the eyes of a young’n

or old’n

from a lively drum circle

a dip in a cold stream


the mouths of birds

a kiss from my beloved

a day in Flow

the loudness of deep quiet

time alone

time with many

the first sprouts of my garden

a foot rub after a long day

the scent of Yellowstone

a delicious meal made by loving hands

a surprise visit

a long embrace

a dog (or cat) snuggled tight up against me

the morning light

the anytime light

the rise and fall of the ocean

the roar of spring run off

the howl of a wolf

and whinny of a horse

laughter- of all kinds

happy people

a hot cup of perfectly brewed tea

dancing w my lover

dancing with thousands of strangers

the flight of an owl

dropping in to trackless fresh pow

drinking the dew from the leaves of flowers

feeling a flock of birds fly by

learning a new hula hoop trick

seeing my kids happy

feeling myself happy

knowing my dog is always happy to see me

being FULLY present


being fully present

Being Fully Present~

allows for a Light Fuel Fill-Up

that offers the best MPG (or LPG)

that we can possibly ingest-

nourishing our body vehicle

in ways nothing else can.


Light Is Everywhere






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