Light Collective ~ Women of The Spiral

Portal of Play: 11/11/21 - 2/11/21 

~Your Magical Spiral ToolBelt of Light & Awareness~

  • Keep adding or subtracting to your lists-
  • Engage with taste AND smell.
  • Choose how you want to feel- in every moment.
  • Lean IN to Trust.
  • Is your Throat Supported?
  • Decide whether you want to Believe what you tell YOself & others about YOU.
  • SHINE because it feels good.
  • Could Intimacy (or lack thereof) BE the answer?
  • What do you let people SEE about & in you? & what do you keep hidden? 
  • Engage with TOUCH. explore how touch feels. in ALL ways & directions. 
  • Let your EYES guide you & practice hearing with ALL of your BEingness- thru the Ear Portal. 
  • Choose your THING to go deeper with πŸ™‚ & LEAN IN~ 

Opening Ceremony

Welcome & Invite ALL of you. Your ALLness.
Love. Acceptance. Intimacy. Awareness.
Celebrate YOU! 
Get clear about what YOU want to experience AND how you want to FEEL during our time together. 
Start your LISTS: 
what do you love? or not?
what is hard? easy?
what is FUN? what sux?
what do you LOVE? or WANT to love?
What Lights You UP? what sucks your energy? 

Week #2

Back of the Throat~ is it supported?
Trust v Fear
leaning IN to trust moves you closer to your true essence: LOVE.
leaning IN to fear moves you farther away from your true essence: LOVE
TASTE! engaging with our senses will start activating & readying the body for EMbodyment. Notice Taste. Mouth feel. Flavors. 
Continue your LISTS πŸ™‚ 

Week #3

Intention & Grounding
Connecting with BEcoming FULLY alive and in FLOW. 
Consider that GROUNDING actually means BEing fully present and IN your body. 
Continue rockin' your taste relationship. 

Week #4

What do you tell peeps (& YOself) about YOself?
Do You Believe It?
Do You WANT To Believe It? 
Add Smell to Taste Exploration. 

Week #5

Awareness is the PREcursor to Change πŸ™‚
It's Harder To NOT Be ME~
BEing who we actually ARE takes time:
1. we need to know exactly what/who that IS? 
(the pain of sameness starts to outweigh the fear of BEing)
2. the process of Feeling Comfy with what/who we are. 
Practice~ Dropping The Apologies

Week #6

Open(ing). Connect(ion). Accept(ance). Integration. 
How/where do these words land in YOU?
Connect to your personal. group and collective SPIRAL. 
Add TOUCH to our pot of engagement/interaction. 
How do you respond to touch? from YOself AND others? 
Exploring INTIMACY~ (IN To Me You See) what comes up for you? what does it mean to you? to others? to the world? 
Write about it. Listen to and about it. Google it. Ask others about it & Ask YOself. 
new LISTS: 
exploring ALL sides of self.
  1. what parts of you do you share with others? 
  2. what parts DON'T you share? or maybe only share with a few?
When we access these places within & write them for our eyes to see- We Change The Relationship TO The Things πŸ™‚

Bonus Audio: Intimacy Chat with Dee Elle and BOZEman

Week #7

Our Halfway Point!!!

a REflection of where we came from~

REview and REvisit of ALL the things UP until now πŸ™‚

Week #8

Intimacy Continued...
Movement. Breath. Sound> The Magical Energy Movement Triangle
Micro vs. Macro-
Can you zoom out and see? 
REvisit the questions:
What do i show people? 
What do i NOT?
W H Y not? 
Am i willing TO show? 
Add Sight to sensory awareness!
How do your eyes guide/inform you? 

Week #9

Open. Connect. Accept. Integrate. WHOLENESS~

What have you learned about YOU?

Choose ONE thing to go deeper with πŸ™‚
schedule your sesh so i can support your process.

Week #10

Group Check IN- YAY!! 
Choose your ~One Thing~ to focus on & go Deeper With.
Let's schedule a SESH <3

Week #11

1. What are you leaning IN to?
2. What are your support tools for the Lean In?
3. Call on water! Charge it with GOODness.
4. Your HEARing is activated. What do you experience? 

Week #12

Fire is our element THIS weekΒ πŸ”₯
REmember your intention AND your Lean IN
& INVITE it/them IN to the convo and your life.
Noticing where things live in our bodies.
Inviting IN the fire and golden light to move the coagulated energy.
Dropping INtimacy back IN to our Conversation for exploration ✨
Notice how it feels IN you. In others. Let's play w INtimacy again & MORE.
REvisit the Intimacy chat w my man from Week #6- Super Juicy

Week #13

Relationships & Disco Ballz~
How is the thing you're leaning IN to?
Any resistance? or not?
Of ALL the things we have explored in our time together-
if you even just pay attention to ONE of them
the trajectory of your life will land in a TOTALLY different place-
next week. next month and most noticeably- next YEAR.
SUPER fun to ponder. it CAN be easy πŸ™‚

Week #14

Last Call!!
sending you off with LOVE and AWARDS πŸ™‚ 


Here is your 8-day adventure to: Speak Your Own Language! 
SUPER yum!!

Day 1- INtention

Day 2- For your EYES to see

Day 3- Finding Your Door

Day 4- Your Landing Pad 

Day 5- Bringing IN The Thing

Day 6- Going DeepER

Day 7- Meet Your Avatar

Day 8- Now What?!