Life Algorithm

soooo many peeps complain about what they see on their social feed(s).

just that

in & of itself is a curious use of language: social feed.



it’s just feeding you what you’re feeding IT.

you train your feed to feed YOU exactly what you want to see.


everything we see

is a result

of what we are feeding & feeding on.


your experiences are just

giving you what you’ve asked for.


via what you click on


what you think about and believe is (or ISn’t).


what you focus on really DOES grow.

no matter if you like it or not.


if you don’t like what you see

in your social feed


your life feed

pay attention to what you’re feeding it.


notice what thoughts

what beliefs

live below the surface.

below the hum.

below the below


even a little below that.


notice what thoughts are LOUD

what thoughts are consistent

who or what grabs your attention

-in any direction-

& see if ANY of that is what you’d like to keep around.


can you Marie Kondo the shit out of your thoughts?

what thoughts bring you joy?


have you ever considered

that evolution is happening

regardless of what thought-team you are on?


whether you’re pro vax or anti vax or pro immune system.


team fear. team love or team- you be you and i’ll be me and we can still be friends.


i’m voting for evolution via the better feeling feels.

cuz they just feel better. ya know?


perhaps we are ALL moving in the same direction (truly)

and it takes some Big Ass Fucking Feels to squeeze the Shit out of us enough to crack us open.


what Big Ass Fucking Feels do YOU wanna be swimming in






you choose.













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