Daily Nugget #177




definition: A short stop or break in a journey.


we have many ‘forced’ layovers in our travels

but why not ALLOW for chosen layovers in our daily lives?


a short stop or break in a journey.

how about a LONG break!

go go go go go go go go go go.


we go and go and go

always going

gotta keep going.

i used to ‘power thru’

my lulls and tired moments


‘oh, if i just keep moving….

i’ll be able to make it thru.’


wtf again.


why not rest?!

well that’s a novel idea.

i never thought of THAT.


we are non-resters

most of us


then we can’t sleep at night.


we are controlled by time

plagued by distraction

over booked



did i mention distracted??!!


i am sitting in an airport.

in layover.

contemplating ~pause~


i’m better at this these days.

i find that if i just listen to my body and freaking sit the hell down

i actually CAN power thru the rest of my day

<and i’m in a better mood>

this time addiction….

we are controlled by it.

doesn’t that make it an addiction?

we are addicted to filling every corner of our ‘time’

with something.


are the somethings we fill it with


do we have ‘time’ to do anything for ourselves?


are we always DOing for others?


i’m not talking about service and contribution

i’m talking about the~

‘punching in’ and spending all day somewhere

working for the money we need to survive

looking at the clock

ready to leave

dreaming of spending time doing creative projects

that we don’t have the energy for after we work all freaking day


dreaming of spending time relaxing

and/or hanging out with people we enjoy.


there is no rest

when we have ‘so little time’ of our own.

we are controlled by it.

controlled by time. controlled by money.

what is the answer?

yo no se.


i happen to LOVE what i ‘do’.

supporting people in transition~

writing about layovers in some random airport~

existing just outside the river of time.

sometimes i jump in to it and am sucked away

but mostly i watch it go by

taking everyone with it.

very interesting perspective and viewpoint.


why o why do i get to have this kind of relationship with time?

maybe i choose to?

maybe i see it

not as some limited resource

flowing in 1 direction only.

we may not be able to change what has already happened

but we can ALWAYS do something in this NOW.

nobody can take the NOW from us but ourselves.


we take our NOW away

<the most precious gift we have>

by lamenting our past

anxiously awaiting our future


both simultaneously!



stay in the now.

enjoy multiple layovers every day.

when you allow for a moment of rest

time expands and gives it to you.

when you sit and breathe

giving yourself a moment to catch up to yourself

you can feel the nowness


all parts of you can re-unite.

that feels good.


when we constantly move with such speed

parts of us separate out


trail behind us.

when we have a layover

we can catch up to ourselves and integrate.


prolonged separation is exhausting.


blows out our precious adrenals.

please have a layover.

no need to rush.

wield time with your intention.

know that you can step outside of it

or BE in it.



it’s a powerful and empowering thing we have….

thinking about yesterday or tomorrow steals your NOW.

thinking about yesterday or tomorrow steals your NOW.


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