poetry month


(are ya still with me?! what a ride!)



in my body

in a plane

IN to my new life

in to this moment


have i arrived





if i’m NOT in my body

where am i


how does that huge chuck o metal and people stay in the air


is my life ready for me

am i ready for it


is this moment really all there is




being IN my body can feel so many ways

i like it best after a good soak in hot springs

or amazing-connected-love-filled-sex-


so can being on a plane (feel so many ways)

(shout out to day XVI)

i like it best with a lively. comical crew.

‘this is your captain speaking. i’m not sure they should be letting me fly this thing.’

and flying at night- under the FULL moon 🙂


being in my life. my new life.

i’m learning to recognize your song.

i like it best when i feel nourished. dance a lot.

connect with people i love. & feel the sun in new locations.


i like this moment best when i’m fully IN it.

noticing. breathing. listening. alive. joy-filled. free.



have i







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