Daily Nugget #119



i don’t know much about goddesses

but i sure like them.

Kali popped up for me today as i was contemplating.


contemplating what you ask?

just about everything, i guess.


today truly feels like i stepped IN to a new


left behind the old.


the Kali card that i pulled spoke of Endings and Beginnings

(among other things. but that a whole other Nugget!)

i started something new today, yes.

i also contemplated ending something too.

questioning what i really want to do with my life and my time.


‘let the past go,’ she says, ‘it’s time to move on.’


why do we hold on?

what are we holding on to anyways?

a feeling?

a memory?

the way things used to be?


don’t we know that we can access our own timeline

anytime we want?

we can visit those times that are close to our hearts.

we don’t have to reach and hold.

just visit. that’s all.


leave only footprints, right?

we can’t carry the weight of our entire life with us every day.

even the good stuff has weight.

and it ALL keeps us from graceful forward movement

IN to the life that we seek.


do we really seek the past?

do we really want to go back there?


sure we might miss people that used to be in our lives

but we can just pop in and remember the feelings


choose NOT to cart it around with us

all the freaking time.



let go of the past

we can’t change it


go back.

in order to experience new opportunities

we have to close some doors.


if we look at our lives as a house,

many of us have stuff stacked from top to bottom

in every crevice.

there is no room to bring in something new and beautiful.

there is no room, even, for anyone to hang out.

we are stuck with all the stuff.

outdated. old. dusty. unusable. stale.

i mean

who the heck wants a phone these days

that’s attached to the wall with a cord?



who wants to read a newspaper from 1990.

well, that might be funny actually

but you get the idea.


as we rocket thru space

the energy of our planet is moving forward


since we inhabit this beautiful planet

we must move too.


allow yourself to let go.

it’s ok!

i’m giving you permission.

you don’t have to feel obligated




bla bla bla.


i’m giving you permission

to dump your load.

to get off (quick!) at the next exit.

you don’t need anything.

go light! go lite.

ahh. the Light.


‘let the past go,’ she says, ‘it’s time to move on.’

in the spirit of Kali

burn some stuff!!

i love burning stuff.

old letter. papers. journals. pictures (yes pictures!)

we don’t need any physical anchors.

it only makes the release that much harder.


in every ending is a beginning.

magic lives in the doorway between.

give yourself the gift of NOW


experience magic beyond your wildest dreams.

what does YOUR doorway look like today?

what does YOUR doorway look like today?









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