Is Your Throat Supported?

after eons in the ‘spiritual’ or ‘personal development’ realm

i get super annoyed by some of the Over/Mis-Used words

that we are ‘supposed’ to focus on

as -Good Spiritual Students-



manifestation. intention. abundance. gratitude.

stand in OR speak your truth. inner child.

mindFULness. past lives. karma. receiving.

stand in your power. choose love. open your heart.


any number of ‘spiritual practices’ that you may or may NOT be doing.


most of these drive me fucking crazy.

not necessarily the words themselves

but the life they have taken on


how they have been -pulsed in a vitamix for WAYYYY TOOOOO LONGGGG-

that they have lost their primal-ness


have been turned IN to a thing that now holds wayyyyy too much pressure

that we’re fucking it up


doing it wrong


can’t even do it at ALL!


spiritualism can be too pressurized over all.

we have a not-enoughness dis-ease

that cock blocks our natural flow of BEing-ness & Enough-ness.


and often

this over-spiritualism (or attempt at it) can create an inner climate of:

complacency. apathy. aloof-ness.

we get sooooo chilled in our BEness that our fire cools to nothingness.


the good news in my rant-athon is:

i am seeing the FIRE. the PASSION within many REignite.

HELL Yes, People.


many things may have contributed to our apparent lackluster

and now

Our Throats Are Learning To Be Supported.

whether that is thru our OWN fire OR triggered by/from our surroundings/global situation.


so much talk of our hearts – or the back of – BEing supported

and zero (0) talk of our throats receiving the same.


when our FIRE awakens

the throat MUST be supported

so the light of the fire

can expand OUT as far as we want it to.

(no, you never need to focus on Shining It OUT To The World. just allow it TO shine. cuz it feels good)


for the light to shine

it needs a little back-up.

whether your light comes THRU your actual voice or not

it is still the portal of the light. YOUR light.

How You Express Your Delicious Flavor.

The Scent of YOUR Flower.


How Does YOUR Throat Feel Supported?




connections + trust = leads us to our true nature = LOVE

which opens the door (WIDE AF) for that light to step out (if it wants)

stepping IN is also ok đŸ™‚

YOU hold the key. are the pilot. have your fingers on the dial.


it’s time to shift our focus to a supported Throat-

however that lands and whatever that means to & in you

so we can access THE JUICE.

cuz it feels SO FUCKING GOOD.










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