is negativity necessary?

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #57

is negativity necessary?


i patched together a costume on saturday

from the good old costume box

not finding exactly what i had hoped

i donned a star wars -clone- suit.

(clone is what the storm troopers were before Palpatine had the Jedi’s killed.

lots of back story that i won’t get in to. haha!)


my hot pink wig.

so i was a star wars/japanimation something something.


i didn’t reeeeaaalllly form my persona before leaving my house.

the night somehow did that for me.


i was asked so many times ‘who ARE you?’

what a question! on most days.


then things started to form.

i was a Defender of the Universe.

that seemed to satisfy most people.

then one gal

dressed as broccoli asked,

‘what are you defending us FROM?’


sooooo many things flashed thru my brain:




the man.


i landed on….

N E G A T I V I T Y.


i’m defending the universe from negativity.

then i thought

shoot, wait

do we need negativity???!!!

like there needs to be darkness

it defines the light


all that.



the Samurai Warrior that i was dancing with said:

‘negativity is the commentary.’

light IS. dark IS.

negativity can bring both sides down


doesn’t contribute anything beneficial to the whole.


Defender of the Universe- from Negativity


how does that look?

how does one DO that?


i just stay the fuck away from chronically negative people.

sure we all dip in from time to time

but some exist there.


a new perspective.


those in the darkness of chronic negativity

see EVERYTHING as sucky.

even a sweet newborn….

‘yea, too bad she was born in to THIS world’

a B- (B negative. ha!) might say.

hey i think that’s my blood type.

can that be changed?!!


last thought on this spooky/revealing day of a thin veil

notice your thoughts, your words.

from where do they burst forth?

are you dwelling or complaining?


are you smiling and gratitude-ing?


positivity is a CHOICE


we all have it.

you can choose to say:

‘yay! good morning!’


‘fuck. it’s morning.’


where do your thoughts and words ride


where will you let them take you?


BE a defender of the Universe


rearrange your thoughts and sentences to speak LIFE


see how everything around you responses.

Defender of the UNIVERSE!!! yea, baby 🙂



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