Daily Nugget #101



i feel like i’m incubating.

the cloud cover has kept us tucked in for days.


what are we growing?


growing IN to?


do you feel it?

something is coming

something is happening

things feel different.


what will happen when the clouds part

when the sun is revealed

when our incubation is complete?


are we growing tails?

wouldn’t that be fab!


are our telepathic abilities awakening?

holy crap

i’ve been so ‘psychic’ lately.


this incubation

is helping us ‘finish’

our evolutionary processes.

at least at this point


for some of us.


others will continue to resist it

continue to feel pain on every level

continue to live in a state of:

i don’t like what i’m doing or who i’m with, but i’m stuck.


where am i going with this?


do you follow me?


i am bringing these words:

evolution. consciousness. change. freedom!


psychic. telepathic. rapid cellular regeneration.

-just to name a few-

back in to our comfort zone.


we ARE changing, people.

we are evolving.

we are becoming an upgraded version of ourselves

so we can better thrive in the world as it is now.


we are becoming more connected with technology

but remember to not get entangled….

we are becoming better listeners and hear-ers

unwilling to take the shit we have in the past

finally standing up for what feels good to US.


you may have not done that in the outer world yet

but i bet you are doing it in the inner world.


i get glimpses of our possible futures


that is what keeps me moving forward

with such momentum


such a desire to help us all be free.

free to do what inspires us.

free to be WHO WE ARE!

free to love who we want.

free to expose the bull shit and corruption

so we can take our lives back


start living as a community again.


we are getting there

we are headed there.

i have seen it


i have a whole heck of a lot of faith

in the power of the individual

to stand up for who they are


walk in in their own power.


oh people!

we are powerful!!

when we start to really understand that


believe it


what a place this will be.


i’m signing off for now

for today

as my incubation is nearing its end.

go outside!

play. laugh.

honor how you feel. always.

be true to you.


i can’t wait to see all of you when the clouds part……


our incubation is soon complete....

our incubation is soon complete….




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