identity crisis…..

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode 12

Identity Crisis!


who am i now?

after all that i’ve been thru

after all that we’ve been thru

me myself & i.



who am i now

when the world see the old me

responds to the old me.

RIP old me

tho you are not really resting.

you still live there



you are the foundation of the newness.

we build this version

you and me



i have been so many versions of caterpillar

to imaginal cell

to butterfly.

so many times

so many different species



all within me

all traveled thru often

and constantly.


who am i now.

can anyone even recognize me?

how could i even look the same

after all of this change.


i have known many names

many phases

many versions

of myself and beyond.

why do you lock me to the past

with your gaze

with your assumptions

with your …….


this change is so rapid

i wonder

where the fuck i am sometimes.

how did i get here


where do i go now.


who am i now

can’t you see that i’m different

still housing the same spirit

tho now clearer & brighter.


who am i now

after i changed what i ‘do’

tho i’m still who i am

can’t you grow with me too?


who am i now

i feel i’m born from my ashes

again and again


again some more.


Who Am I Now

won’t someone please tell me.

i feel more whole

more complete

more alive

than ever!


how do i relate to the world

as the new me?

i feel awkward and clumsy.

what do i say?

how do i be?


my head is in retrograde

my heart poised to flee

i take a deep breath


come back>

back to me.



nice to meet you

it’s me

fresh and new.

will you meet me in Nowness?

in our most upgraded self version

alive and well.


who am i now?

i’m everyone and no one

pulsed in a cosmic Vitamix

with the most excellent creaminess.


will you walk with my nowness

my me-ness

with yours


start from this point

hand in hand

round each curve.


yea baby!





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