I want to believe.

Daily Nugget #55.

I want to Believe.

i realize that in order to change things in my life

i have to change my beliefs.


it’s not that easy to just turn off a belief.


‘oh, yea. now i believe in total infinite abundance’

and it magically appears.


maybe it does?


there are layers of  beliefs

many of which

are TOTALLY unconscious.

how do you deal with those? how do you change those?

i found a way.

instead of just pretending i believe in something

when really

at my core

i don’t.

i started saying, ‘i WANT to believe’.

cause i do.

and that changed the energy.

instead of pretending to change


from the depths of my being

i seek to shift any outdated beliefs

that LIMIT me.


i can’t pretend to feel it

until i do.




i don’t feel disempowered by saying it

it feels

like i’m actually making progress.

cause change is what i seek.

growth is what feels good (most of the time. ha!).


finding a small tool of encouragement

in a big world of belief

is delightful. right?!!


may the breath of change fill your cosmic lungs

with joy

as you embark


building the foundation

that makes you YOU.

believe in cool things.

believe in awesomeness!!!




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