I Saw IT

I Saw IT

standing there

in front of me:



it was the first time i had seen its face

felt its energy

in this way…



there it was

standing there

blocking my

forward thought movement.


it doesn’t really matter WHAT i was thinking about

what matters is-

I Saw IT.


like a bully

standing with crossed arms

waiting to take my lunch money.



it didn’t have any ACTUAL power.

only what i GAVE it.


why do we settle?

what do we think we can’t have ALL that we want?

why does there have to be compromise?


we don’t have to.

we CAN have it all.

there doesn’t.


as i continued to think my thought

i realized:

well i sure as HELL am NOT gonna ‘get there’

with that Doubt Monster lurking on the trail


WTF anyway?!

why has my brain been trained TO doubt?

why do i ALLOW it to stop me?


is THIS what they mean by self sabotage?



when i actually saw IT

-the Doubt-

it changed things.


i decided i didn’t need it

i’d like to keep my lunch money-

cuz i’s got’s to eat.


i am a HELL of a lot better off

without it.


fur realz.

do YOU have a Doubt Monster standing in YOUR way?




ps. the picture wouldn’t fucking load

so add your own Doubt Monster image here:





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  1. Ahh yes,…the Bullying Monsters are being cut to size and flying off into the sky like a balloon letting loose of its air…sounding like a fart fizzling out to nothing…dropping to the ground in a lifeless lump. We are growing up. Our full potential is being activated in our very DNA. We are coming into our noble and sovereign bloom. The Bully Monsters run like cockroaches in the night when the light is turned on. Bub Bye. We are rising. Are time has come.

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