i hung out on the dark side

for 24 hrs.

and FUCK

it nearly killed me.


what IS the dark side?

where does it live?


WHO lives there?


the Dark Side is on ALL sides

lurking in the crevices

next to your fear.


Pro. Anti.




i hung out on the Dark Side

for 24 hours-

24 hours too long.

there are many who live there.


imagine this.

every one you see

is on a separate path

specific to what they believe




that’s a LOT of f’n paths!


What’s YOURS?

Can You Pick Just One?






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  1. In between all the paths is where I want to be/ but am I? Am I too stuck in a path/rut that I can’t see or won’t see all around me?

    I say this not referring to the super decisive stuff going on now, but for me this brought up where I have determined to not budge- how it only limits me and keeps me from being fully connected in community or in relationship, and that is the result of fear.

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