i forgot

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #30

i forgot


i forgot i could breathe in the sky

the deep blue

all the way to my toes

and beyond.

the sky didn’t forget to be blue.


i forgot how the sun feels

on my hatless head

pouring IN thru my eyes

all of my cells rejoicing.

the sun never forgot how to shine.


i forgot where i came from

not FROM the earth

i am a visitor.

she offered herself


we must remember to take good care.

and the earth keeps giving….


i forgot to fuel my body

with nutrient dense deliciousnesses.

instead grabbing what’s easy

when my body hollers for more.



i forgot to fill my lungs

with conscious breaths

on purpose.

breathing in

breathing out

connecting to go deeper.

imagine if we had to think about breathing?


i forgot to flex my creative muscles


if not more.

fueling my spirit


giving voice to her

allowing her to explore.

creativity is a necessary nutrient.

have any?


i forgot to say thank you.

i’m sorry.

please forgive me.

i love you and i love you.



i forgot that the real me

is formless




emanating pure love

and light



i forgot to not get caught up in illusion


the lies i tell myself.

a lie doesn’t feel good. truth stays true.


i forgot to ask for help

for guidance

for support.

my team is super bad ass.

ask and ye shall receive.


i forgot to lean IN to trustness

trusting more


more and more.

trust in trust. it’s always there for you.


i forgot it’s really okay

to run and leap!

i’ll fly

if i believe it!

‘Sometimes your only available transportation is a Leap of Faith.’ Margaret Shepherd 


i forgot to believe

in believing

i got caught up

in my own beliefs.

you are what you believe.


i forgot to say yes


say no

or perhaps


be okay with the real answer.


i forgot i needed so much rest.

and rest and rest and more rest.

sit down. lay down. close your eyes.

allow yourself to BE.


i forgot

and now

i remember


thank you sun and sky!


so sweet and delicious.

let’s remember

shall we?

let’s remember.

let’s remember.

let’s remember.

isn’t life dand-e?! 







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