i forgot about Trust

i forgot about Trust

for a minute (or 3).


my world felt like it was spinning.

BEing constantly dog-piled by my thoughts.

i couldn’t breathe.


my stuff.

the world stuff.

the EVERYTHING stuff.

it ALL somehow

felt like MY responsibility to deal with.





my life is completely different than it was a year ago


EVERYthing has changed.


then the other day

a week or so ago

ALL of my old thoughts and feels

broke down my front door

(& side door)

and blasted back IN to my life.


what the hell.

i have soooo many fab tools


have come sooooo far in my inners

how the HELL is this happening?


life is a spiral.

wherever you go. there you are.

and all those things…


my mind was LOUD this morning.

(this one goes to 11. ha!)

so i crawled out of bed (literally)


dropped INto my meditative zone

with the question and intention of:

How The HELL Do I Deal With THIS?!


after a few breaths

my dragon showed up

(if you know me, you know i have a loooong history w dragons)

and he took me somewhere.


the place he/we landed was familiar.

i recognized it immediately.


yes, in my world

there’s a specific inner place that reps Trust.


In That Moment

the thought army retreated.

my body felt lighter.

i remembered that i forgot.

so now

i remember to remember.


Trust Is The Seed Of Potential.



a big smile expanded across my face

as i remembered.


thank freaking goodness.


we ALL have the ability to Trust.

sometimes it takes a lil practice.


it can TOTALLY change your experience

-if you want it to 🙂


Trust: sometimes it gets a lil rusty- and it still stands!



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