i forgot

i forgot gratitude

for a few days

maybe a few weeks

i’m not sure why.


i like the feeling of gratitude

FAR better than the alternative

so i’m not sure what happened.


it’s like falling off the wagon

i suppose.

the bumpy wagon of life

that tosses you around

sometimes you land in a sweet spot

others your ass starts hurting

and sometimes you fall OFF-

cursing the wagon. the bumps and everything else.

even IF the place you have landed is softer

and it’s exactly what you asked for

and there are flowers

and the sun is shining.


why the F

did i forget

why DO i forget

to feel the gratitude for all of the AllNess

the amazing creation

that is my life.

everything i’ve asked for

and all of the everyOnes who pass thru.


i realized the other day

in a moment of contemplating a collage i made

when its voice came thru

to remind me that:

i am the creatrix of my Life Garden.

feed & tend to what i actually WANT to grow.

weeds take over when the garden is ignored.


what garden do YOU want to grow?

is there gratitude in it?

do you know how gratitude feels?

even those trendy. overused fucking words

have beauty in their truest essence.

gratitude FEELS good.

grow some in YOUR life garden.

along side everything else you actually want to nourish

so that it can nourish you 🙂


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  1. Me too!!! Maybe we were on the same wagon? Or riding side by side! My butt was hurting and I jumped off and sat at the side of the road cursing the wagon!!!!

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