how we celebrate

Daily Nugget #199

how we celebrate


why do we celebrate someone MORE

after they die?

why do we not celebrate them all of the time?


when i searched for the actual definition of Celebrate

i found many things

mostly of the

public acknowledgement kind.

something cool happened

ok, let’s celebrate!

i suppose that is why we tend to celebrate

our fellow humans more


they lived what we thought was a cool life.


i get tangled in this idea of celebration muchly and often.

  1. why do we only celebrate someone after they are gone <from the physical world>?
  2. why do we jam most of our celebrating of the year in to a few weeks in december/january?
  3. why do most of us have no idea HOW to celebrate our own milestones & victories? regardless of their size?

oh why. what a beautiful word you are.

you are worth celebrating ALL of the time.

you lead us to the answers and the solutions


sometimes to more questions.



por que?


wieso den?

hvers vegna?


there are so many ways to say you!

why do we celebrate someone MORE after they are gone?

i guess this is a human thing that i don’t yet understand.

why not celebrate all of us while we are here? in physicalness?

so often

so many

are overlooked

until they die.

then we say,

‘gee. that person was fucking awesome.’


did you ever tell them that when they were alive?


this custom

reminds me

to celebrate those around me

that i love


KNOW are freaking awesome.


if you are one of them>

Thank you for BEing in my life.

i love you muchly.

i love what you bring to this world.

i love your uniqueness. your special flavor of awesomeness.

there is NO one else like you.

i celebrate you for who you are.

Thank you.

ps. <we will explore #2 and 3 on my list above later. maybe after they die>

celebrate the people  that you love!

celebrate the people <& plants & animals & beyond> that you love!





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