how to access your superpower

Daily Nugget #159

how to access your superpower


we ALL have a super power


ALL of us


that superpower is YOU.

it is BEing you

truly and authentically

fur realz



your superpower is YOU.


your superpower is you.

don’t believe me?

well that’s probably because you AREN’T

living a life true to you.


what the HELL does that mean,  you ask?

do you love your life?

do you?

love it?!

do you love what you ‘do’

where you live


the people who around you?


that’s the first place to start

or rather

the first place to look.


if these things are awesome

then you are prob on the right track.


if they could use a tweeking

then tweek away!

tho the tweek may have to come from within.


in order to fully lean IN to your super-ness

you have to lean in to you.

in to your depths



make friends with you

love you

fall head over heels for YOU.

cause when you’ve got the love for the one you see in the mirror

chances are

you will make the changes in your life so you can experience more bliss.

ones that will honor who you are on every level.


people feel all weird talking about ‘self love’

like it’s some new age-y thing.

news flash:

self love has ALWAYS been hard for us humans.



i heard a story once

about some BEings who understood life a bit deeper.

they told us humans that the key to life was thru the self

self love, that is.

and this little thing was soooooo dang tricky for the humans

that the wise ones said,

‘ok. how about loving ‘god’.’

ahhhh. that made it sooo much easier for the humans

and in the end

what they didn’t realize

was that loving ‘god’

was the same as loving self.

<there is more to the story….. but that’s all for now>



<check out the Essenes. good stuff.>


much easier, it is, to love others.

much harder to love self.


why the Fuck is it so hard?

<ya know some folks unsubscribed due to my f bombs?!>

don’t they realize that sometimes ‘fuck’ is just so appropriate.


where to go from here?

we have so many damn self judgments

<or at least most of you reading this blog do>

why not ease up?

be gentle. be accepting.

we ARE human after all.

we do our best.

life is so much nicer when we are on our own side.


wanna give it a shot?


from this point forward

every time you start raggin’ on yourself

just chill.

give yourself a hug instead.

it’s ok.

YOU are ok!

better yet

you are freaking awesome.

<is that considered an F bomb too?>


take that in:

You Are Freaking Awesome.



when you truly shine your awesome-ness

in what ever shape it comes in

the world is a better place


you are a superhero.

pretty much a win win situation



oh people

oh people

i love you.

i love all of you.

all of your ‘imperfections’

your perceived challenges

your individuality

your unique way of seeing things.


You Are Amazing.

i believe in you.

it’s time to start believing in yourself.


Be The Superhero That You Are!

lovingly support your true self


watch your life support you.

be you. no matter what!

be you. no matter what!




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