how many layers do we really have?!

Daily Nugget #93

holy moly. how many freaking layers are there??


when do i get to the middle?

the center?!


in my peel-a-thon

i wondered.

‘what’s gonna happen when i actually get to the center?


is there a center?


if so, will i reach it?’


when one big belief rises to the surface to be released

it shakes the foundation.

sometimes tho

beliefs shed like clothes on a ‘i don’t know what to wear kind of day’.


when we get to those Big ones

‘it’s a Big one, Weezy!’

and BAM!

we are upside down in the land of right side up.

or maybe that’s the other way around.

it can be hard to see straight


even know that there IS a straight.

(the best rides take many detours)


if you have been reading these Nuggets

you are probably aware that i am in a Biggy.

seems like i’m always in a biggy.

what’s up with that?


i’m surprised i signed up for this roller coaster.

some days i’m thrilled to be participating

others i’m ready to assume my fairy self form


move in to the forest with my friends.


bla bla bla.

today is supposed to be about the Onion.

the seemingly never ending peeling of the infinite onion.

Shrek even talks about it.

gosh i have so many good one liners from those movies.

‘better out than in’ is probably my fav.

use it all the time.

tho Shrek MAY have been referring to some gaseous expellent.


1. expelling, or having the power to expel.

HA! do you have the power to expel?

definition: force or eject out (something) usually from the body.


getting sidetracked.

back to the onion.



where are YOU on YOUR onion?

have you even peeled the dry skin off yet?

are you eyes watering.


and when you feel like you’ve made some real progress

you discover another layer!

that IS progress actually.


maybe some of you do not recognize that what you are going thru is actually serving you

healing you


adjusting your foundation

so you can build a better one.

one that’s made out of love and trust and joy!

what a fab foundation!

sign ME up.

instead of the old, crumbling foundations of

fear. insecurity. lack of self worth. scarcity.

oh the freaking list goes on.


why is it that we would even have that kind of foundation?!

i mean

what architect would create such a design?


so many questions

that i don’t have the answers to.

what i DO know

is that it feels good on the other side

the other side of the layer.

tho there may be another layer on deck

the in between place is nicer than the middle.



i AM determined to figure this stuff out.

to Navigate gracefully

well sometimes i’m quite clumsy

but who cares.


everything i put out there to YOU

is with the intention to help YOU

navigate the craziness.

so you know that you are not alone

that we are ALL in it

(some just more vocal than others. ahem.).


if you want deeper support than my words

consider joining my Team Freedom!

herbal support and evolutionary tools for the NOW. is where to find me

and more details.


until then or for now

i offer you this:

you are a magnificent BEing.

(this is truth)

don’t let anyone tell you differently

including yourself.

i am here to support our awakening


our evolution.

you are not alone

but a part of a grand tribe of fellow onions 🙂

be good to you.

do what’s in your heart!

even when your world is collapsing (especially then).

be true to you.

in this

you will find Freedom.


mucho love-o on this fine day.

remember to tune in or listen live to the Return of the Light series.

(see post in blog feed)

good stuff is happening, people


i can’t wait to see you step IN to ALL that you ARE.

















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