how can we get along with others…..

Daily Nugget #210

how can we get along with others


when we can’t even get along with ourselves.

so much conflict.

so many people need a ‘third party’

to even have a conversation.


so much blame

so much finger pointing.



what if we approached ‘getting along’



with a



that same self that we always talk shit about



put down.

our life mirrors don’t lie.


so many mirrors in our lives.

all around us.

reflecting back our inners.

what’s IN our INers?


life is a mirror.

sounds so cliche.


it’s totally freaking true.


you think

‘oh my gosh. i am such a good person with a big heart


i’m totally getting fucked.’

it’s always THEM against US.

or is it?


The Mirror Concept has been one of the hardest things for me to learnĀ AND accept.

  • All Of My Relationships Are Mirrors.
  • ALL of the ‘things’ that happen to me are reflecting backĀ the work i still have to do.

instead of feeling defeated>

each ‘episode’

challenges me to step IN to a better version of myself.


no victimhood.

no blaming.

only opportunity.


i am always

seeking to improve




to be the best version of myself possible.


the more i can be my truest self

the more others can be THEIR truest selves.

the work that we do on the individual level

affects the collective.

working on our ‘shit’

affects all that is.


getting along with YOU

is the most important step

in getting along with everyone else.


how can we get along with others

if we can’t even get along with ourselves?

are you gentle?

are you kind?

do you say loving things


point the words inward

to yourself?



it’s never really easy

to claim responsibility for your life.

for your experience.


if you can adopt the attitude

of seeing your experiences

as opportunity

it’s a hell of a lot more DOable.


think kind thoughts.

take care of you.

start loving who YOU are


notice the shift in how others respond to you.


ps. i believe in you.


use your mirrors to find your wholeness....

use your mirrors!! allow them to lead you to wholeness.






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  1. Say it Girl! You can choose to experience any situation in a negative or positive way. In the past….I have been wired to spray unhappiness when I feel it from others. Slowly but surely I am choosing to experience each situation more and more in the moment, as well as an opportunity to work on my own inner poo poo.

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