holy guacamole, i finally got shampoo

Daily Nugget #122!

holy guacamole, i finally got shampoo

oh, it feels so good!

oh, it feels so good!


i think i had a breakthru.


do you people remember

way back in Nugget #78?


well. in that Nug, i realized that i had been using the same shampoo

since like forEVER. 10+ years.

you might wanna revisit:



i thought i was all cool and stuff

breaking my habits

choosing a different reaction

and then

i realized i have been using the same shampoo forEVER.


that’s a habit too.



the date on that Nugget is Oct 24 2014

and i still have not yet bought shampoo.

almost 5 months to the day.


sure i used my kids shampoo

but it wasn’t the same.

my hair is different.


i remained shampoo-less.


i would spend countless minutes/half hours

standing there

in the shampoo isle

reading ingredients

smelling each one

(or at least the ones that weren’t super safety sealed)

but always would walk away empty handed.

i just simply couldn’t choose.



i have chosen.

holy crap.

and i just strolled right in and picked one.

it took maybe 11 seconds.


i think i had a breakthru.

fur realz.


do YOU have anything in YOUR life like my shampoo?

is there anything you buy over and over?

yea, i know there are just certain things we like.

and yea, i know

why do we have to change what we like?


we don’t.

but 10+ years people.

that’s way to freaking long to be doing anything.

of course there are always exceptions like:

being a parent. not that you can really change that after it’s already happened.

marriage/partnership. but only if you are IN to your person.

career. yea. again, only if you are IN to it.

so really,

that only leaves parenting.


let’s breathe some change in to our lives.

are you ready?

i said


did you hear my megaphone?



can you really megaphone thru written words?



so your homework for the weekend



or whenever the heck you are reading this in some future time or space.


think they are reading my Nuggets in space?

i sure hope so.

damn i wish they would leave a comment.

do you even think space language would translate?

clearly, that is why they have yet to comment.



back to homework.


i don’t like that word.

homework should be illegal.

i mean


the kids spend most of their life in school


you want them to do stuff at home too!!!
when they could be hanging with the fam


doing something else that’s totally awesome.


dang i’m FULL of tangents tonight.


your ASSignment is:

find something in your life that is SOOOO constant

or familiar.

something that you do every freaking day.


you might really have to step back and take a look.

you will find many things (i promise) but only if you are willing to truly take a look.



take one of those things

just one


change it.

do something different.

re-align your day

your world

your everything!
yep. changing just one thing can really do all that.

amazing right?

don’t believe me?

give it a shot.


report back.

i want to hear all of the juicy details.




merry friday.

celebrate everything.

you deserve it all.


big huge hugs of joy.

dee elle

holy choice-a-moly!

holy choice-a-moly!


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