her name was Joy

Daily Nugget #191

her name was Joy


and she embodied it.

it spilled from her abundantly

splashing this way and that

creeping IN to the poopy corners

of the lives

of those around her.


it was contagious.

SHE was contagious.


from the time she was a little girl

one look from her

could transform your day

your mood

your perspective.

Joy was contagious.


your heart would swell in her presence


things shifted like magic.

she had that gift


she shared it generously.


one day

dark clouds moved in

attempting to dim the light of Joy

attempting to rain on the Joy parade


put out the glorious Joy fire that brightened all that is.


she saw them coming <the dark clouds>



she knew this would happen one day

<she was wise>

she was ready.


she slipped IN to herself.

centering. connecting. breathing.

expanding her Joy within

allowing it to grow

bigger than ever before.


she felt it grow beyond herself

her body

her community

her country


her world.


as she focused on expanding herself

the NON-Joy

in others around her

burned up in the Joy fire

which then

ignited and activated

the spark of their own Joy

that then bled in to the space around THEM


activating and igniting

the next person


the next and the next

until the entire planet

brightened WITH Joy


with JOY.


the poopy McPoopertons

faded in to the background.

the dark clouds

<the Joy stealers>

were pinched OUT of the sky completely




saw the clouds coming


instead of running. fearing. contracting.

or allowing

her Joy to be swallowed



she expanded

from deep within

the Joy that was hers


affected the entire EVERYTHING!

moving all that is

in to action




all it takes is One Joy

to show us the way.

to BE the way.

are you willing to face dark clouds?

are you willing to BE the Joy

that can turn the entire All-ness inside out

activating our true essence?


are you willing to go deep within

connect and center


expand your true self outward?


Joy made it look easy

cause it is.

Be inspired.

Be Joyful!

practice spilling your special good-ness

out IN to the world


watch what happens Joyfully.

be Joy!

be Joy!


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