Daily Nugget #78



i had a shocking revelation yesterday

when i realized

i have been using the same shampoo for

10+ years.

maybe even longer.



cause i like it


it works for my hair.



why reach beyond what we know works for us?

why try something new?

why ‘risk’ it?



i decided i was NOT going to buy the same shampoo this time.

i stood in the shampoo isle forEVER

attempting to find a replacement.

i left without shampoo.

even tho i’m totally OUT at home.


i couldn’t do it.

couldn’t find a suitable match for me.

i KNOW one exists


the stress and strain it took to look at ALL of my options


read ALL of the ingredients






ha! you say.

don’t have that problem?

maybe not with shampoo

but i’m sure it lurks somewhere.


this is all happening in the same week

that i am changing a BIG belief.

i won’t get into the BORing details….


i have noticed that i have a ‘habit’

of thinking a certain way.

i always jump to the same conclusion


it’s not that great.


have i always thought this way?


and why??!!!


oh, the beliefs.

that elusive operating system (EOS)

that ultimately


and defines

our life.


ahhh beliefs.

right now

the thing that works best for me is song and dance.

whenever that inner Eeyore kicks in:

‘nothing ever works out ok’

‘this is never going to be possible’

‘i can’t do that’

i counter it with song and dance.


sing to your Eeyore

the other side of the story!

‘everything works out beautifully!’

‘all things are possible’

‘of course you can do it!!’



this totally works.

i have been singing and dancing all week.

every time i see Eeyore creeping around the corner

i bust in to song.

it’s actually quite fun 😀



and then yesterday

i heard this guy say,

‘fear is the only thing that gets smaller as you run closer’

yay! freakin’ yay!


along with my song and dance

i am running

(often in place

cause that’s where my brain is).

that guy is fur shur right.

fear just gets smaller.

who’d a thought.



now i leave you with happy, skipping thoughts

uplifted and smiling

knowing that your inner Eeyore cannot rain on your parade

(unless you let him)


that YOU have the POWER

to change YOUR



ps. buy a different shampoo.


that is truth.


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  1. Go to alifeunprocessedblogspot.com and make your own shampoo! Never have to read a label again! Also, you’ll be making a new habit…

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