gratitude shifts your attitude

Daily Nugget #87

gratitude shifts your attitude.


and why wouldn’t it.

thinking about what is awesome

in your life.

thinking about the good stuff.


damn we can get so pulled down

by the bads


the perceived bads.

or the have nots



bla bla bla….

on and on forever.


it’s WAY easier to fill our day with the negatives.


i have no freaking clue

but i’m changing that in MY life.


i am NOT a negative person

tho i do have my moments


those moments

are skilled at canceling out


of the goodness that i DO create.


canceling out the goodness.

no wonder we think we suck at manifesting sometimes.

cause we cancel it out

with our nego thoughts.


back to gratitude.


just breathe in it.

submerse yourself in all that you are damn glad

to have in your life


breathe in it.

like you lowered yourself into a warm pool

of good feeling waters.

breathe in it.


and let’s get specific about our grad’s

(short for gratitudes).

instead of saying,

‘i am grateful for everything’


‘i am grateful for my body.

it is so strong and healthy.

so vibrant and beautiful.

i like that it can run & ski


breathe fire.’



‘i am so grateful for my work.

i get to connect with fabulous people.

i am doing what i love!

i am making a difference,

contributing to the goodness.’


stuff like that.

more specifics.

i watched a video explaining just that.

it’s under all of these words.

check it out.


pretty cool.


totally accurate.


let’s dive deeper.

let’s get better @ our Gratitude Practice.


more practice.


i know, right?!

but practice we must.


if we truly want to see any kind of change

we’ve gotta practice. take action.

practice makes us better at it, right?

well no duh.

but we forget that detail.


dive deeper

be truly Grateful.


Gratitude shifts your Attitude.

don’t let those pesky thought demons

rain on your happy parade.


have a fab week.

enjoy all of the coolness you have in your life.


big hugs & a fat kiss.

i’m grateful for you.

thanks for tuning in.



go ahead and smile. it just feels good!

go ahead and smile. it just feels good!


and here’s the link i promised:

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