Got Better Feeling Feels?


this is riding the waves created by the last post- Life Algorithm.


not totally sure why you need a warning? Ha!


Do You Like The Way You Feel?

i mean

does it feel good?

the way you feel.

your M.O.

your most consistently. reliable feel.


Do you Like it?

LOVE it?


i’ve always been a bit curious

(& confused)

by those who LIKE hanging out in the Heavier. More Dense Feeling Feels.


ya know.

the fear. the worry. the doubt. insecurity.

the . . .


they CHOOSE (even if it’s UNconscious)

to hang out there.

dwell there.

enjoying the Suffering


perhaps- Addicted To IT.


soooo many things we can be addicted to.

EVERYONE has SOME kind of addiction.

some are just more subtle. sort of.


can you. would you. will you? take notice of your feels?

notice what feels good AND if you like it.

notice what DOESN’T feel good and if you like THAT.


you know

you don’t have to keep feeling ANY kind of way

if ya don’t want to.


how you feel and how you respond to things

is actually


more within your ‘control’

than most everything else.


WANT to feel better? different?


you CAN.


start paying (better) attention.

call YOself out on your shit.

and if you find some things that-

just don’t fucking make any sense to feel . . .

Then. Change. Them.


Choose to Choose Differently.

Cuz. You. Can.


Fur Realz.


Got Choice? Yep. 




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